What Have You Achieved?


It's The End of Q1 Already!? What have you achieved?

It is the end of another week and (almost) the end of March. Plus, there's another milestone to add: it's the end of the first quarter of 2022.


I know, where has that gone?!

If you haven't been keeping track, then time does have a habit of simply trickling away...

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But then so do all those good intentions - they can trickle away too. (The ones you set at the beginning of the year - the tyrannical New Year's Resolutions - read my Faff Free Friday Linked In Newsletter #4 here to get my take on THOSE!)

The Problem With Goals

Having a goal is great - as long as it is truly achievable and measurable.

Think SMART goals -

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Realistic
  • Timed.

Yet, setting TOO MANY goals is a huge error - for individuals, for smaller business right through to corporate teams.

And not planning activities to make the goals into reality, so they just become habitual, and creating simple milestones so you can track them, perhaps that is even worse!

Yet that is what is happening - big, unattainable goals ("I'll aim for the Moon and if I miss I'll fall into the Stars" YUK! NASA would be in trouble if that was how it worked...) and no strategy as to how to get those goals...just a feeling of empty failure at never moving forward.

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So many people hate having a plan and bumble along getting more frustrated at why they've little or new business coming in.

They think they need to fix something. But because they never take a strategic view of their business (feels alien to them, they hate being put in a box or they don't think they need to...) they don't ACTUALLY know if anything TRULY needs fixing - or if in fact it is lack of a plan that is holding them back...

So instead they follow shiny objects - the latest high ticket big group program to solve 'that' problem eg use one type of social media or how about dig deep in this one type of marketing or to use a bit of woo to sort themselves out.

Nothing wrong with woo, I am woo-adjacent I guess, but same goes - don't fix yourself unless that is where the problem lies.

Planning Made Simple (even for multi-billion pound business!)

I have written the most complex strategic documents in my time, from exciting six figure launches, marketing strategies for entire businesses and pulling together multiple volume strategic responses to UK Government proposals for one of the world's largest financial institutions around Stakeholder Pensions, Long Term Care and Child Trust Funds.

As someone (probably) with ADHD and Dyslexia - and secretly a bit lazy - I have had to create systems to help me cope. This led to an uncanny ability to take a massive project and make it really simple.

I would start with a helicopter view of the overall, really important goal and then strategically place the pieces which needed to fit together to make the whole thing happen - and keep everyone happy.

Not just in big business, but in life in general - like my enormous house renovation project or simply herding my kids over the years!

And I have found ways to apply these to the business lives of solo business owners. Ways which work.

Planning is Easy, Sticking To It Is Not

There's the rub - you made a plan, it was blimming massive - size of a door stop - and that is what you are doing with it - leaving it propping up a door and never looking at it.

Giving yourself one really important goal, working out the actions needed to get that goal AND setting up a way to review your activities is a start.

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Reviewing just is not enough on it's own...

Rachel's 3 Rs: Review, Revise & Reward

Setting a big goal and a simple action plan is the first step, reviewing it regularly is the next...but there are a couple of extra bits which truly transform your ability to easily stick to it.

That is where my 3 Rs come in:

  • Review
  • Revise
  • Reward

Because REVIEWING is not enough. You need to REVISE your plans (alter where necessary, keep on doing what works, drop something which truly isn't working) and REWARD yourself for taking action EVEN IF THE MILESTONE IS NOT REACHED.

Celebrate your WINS how ever small you think they are....because your brilliant brain will LOOK FORWARD to your reviews as a reward and relish them - instead of it running in the opposite direction like a mistreated dog who escapes its owner.

Next Quarter

As the next month and quarter starts in a week, consider this - what will the next next 129,600 minutes...2160 hours...90 days...second quarter of 2022...bring to you?


  • by chance
  • by the Universe supplying
  • by manifestation...

The Universe et al it turns out really loves it when people make a bit of effort themselves!!

What are YOU going to do to Make It Happen?

If you need a hand to get started take a look at my best-selling** tracker journal and get truly motivated for the second quarter of 2022.

No alt text provided for this imageMy Tracker Journal Faff2Focus//90

The Faff2Focus//90 Tracker Journal lays out simple methods so you plan only actions which you need to take to get on the path to your dreams. 

And how to review, revise and reward your progress along the way. 

So you stick to it like glue - and LOVE working on your plans instead of constantly having a nagging feeling like you're failing. 

Here's some reviews and a QR link to my MemberVault microsite where you can find out more and get the links to buy your own copy for just £7.99:

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**January 22 top 40 Best Seller in Business Coaching and Mentoring shelf of Amazon**


I am helping my audience bring balance to themselves so they can take their passion into the world. If you'd like to get a little closer to my world, please sign up here for my selected ramblings straight to your inbox.

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