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Learn to Start Not Start to Learn...


It is easier to learn by starting something than to start something by learning

So many overwhelmed solo professional service providers struggle with making consistent sales in their business. 

Especially when all their time, energy and money is taken up with Personal Development which is not translating into action.

Though sweet smelling and attractive to start off with, like a Venus Fly Trap, that expensive cure-all course you signed up for or 365 daily social posts you bought, might just turn out to be cause a problem - not solve one.

Because I am guilty of falling into that Venus Fly Trap of the entrepreneurial world.

Fixing problems I didn't even have.

Have you done that too? 

  • Signed up for a quick fix?
  • Started out looking for 'improvements' to your marketing because you just think you 'should' be doing it?
  • Taking every freebie webinar, challenge or course - right through to taking high cost single issue coaching (which is group based and ends up with a lot of online course work for you to do on your own)?
  • Not ACTUALLY moving your 'learning' mode into 'doing' mode?
  • Finding that ZERO action gets ZERO results?

I have an equation for you:

No action = no leads = no sales

Done, imperfect is better than not done, perfect

Rather than finding out what you, your business, your audience and your service TRULY require to bring profitable clients to your door consistently, it's a little 'safer' isn't it to procrasti-learn...

Why not give your service a chance first?

Trying out a service in the real world can test what works and what doesn't. You can launch it, learn from the launch and do it all again. 

That's it. 

No fixes required. 

And if there are - you will learn them along the way.

How does that work then?

This is what I have used in my own business from Day One - and I know countless others have too.

  • Have an idea for a service. Preferably based on your expertise - and a will to make it work for your audience and for you.
  • Do a little research with some typical clients who might enjoy being asked (and might not consider themselves as a client until you ask them what they need, and then you both realise you could work together without a sniff of a sleazy sales spiel!)
  • Run it as a paid beta/trial/test service with a few collaborators who can pioneer it for you. Note the PAID word here.
  • Earn whilst you learn - use simple measurements and feedback loops to improve the service for the next run.

Would you like to break free of the Personal Development Fly Trap?

The world wants you in the thick of it sharing your solutions, it is not the time to hide behind I'm busy with x, y and z course. 

Not unless you are needing that course to show up as your professional self. (I'm finishing Masters level certification, so I empathise with you - tricky fitting in client work, marketing effort and closing sales whilst studying).

Apart from the legals or qualifications you need to do your job, what learning are you doing now which you are finding difficult to put into action?

What can you offer RIGHT NOW to solve a problem your absolute perfect type of client is really needing solving (RIGHT NOW, not next week or month...)?

If you're stuck in your fly trap it's hard for you to reach out to them and help them, when you probably need help to break free too.

Safety Measure

Know that it is safe. 

You are safe. 

It is safe for you to lift your heels from that sticky trap, to lean in towards helping your clients AND learn something - simply from STARTING that service you have put off for SO long.

Trying out, testing, doing with a simple 1-page doable marketing action plan. 

To get your service out there and done. 


Making sales.

There is a simple solution

Creating a simple 1-page marketing plan is the best way for solo professional service providers to grow a profitable business. 

I can help. 

To bring flow and ease to complex concepts and situations.

I have a short checklist so you can see what the elements of a simple plan to get you doing rather than not.

Download it now - it is a start rather than the complete solution...because until you get into action you will not ever see the whole picture.

If it is time to stop fixing and start doing the LINK TO MY EASY TO FOLLOW DOWNLOAD IS HERE.

It is time to get noticed.

Alternatively stay in the 'safety' of where you are now....

It doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to be you....

I believe in taking imperfect action and learning from it.

I share the imperfect me with my audienceand I send a weekly update to my VIP list. If you'd like to get a little closer to my world, please sign up here for my selected ramblings straight to your inbox.

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