Covid, Control and Coaching


Covid, Control and Coaching

Two years and 3 vaccinations later - I have Covid.

This is week 2.

Oh my word - it really isn't nice...and it's hit me like a ton of bricks.

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OH less so, but a double dose Chez Bentley was NOT what we needed over Easter when our two lads (and the eldest's girlfriend) were all going to be with us at home.

They weren't.

But I have survived. I would not wish it on anyone though.

As an acquaintance put it, he was happy to know that him feeling so awful was actually down to Covid - he'd have been worried otherwise!

Control vs. Coping

It struck me that even though I am in the middle of a shizz-storm of external stuff I have literally no control over - I am coping.

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I am privileged.

I have a strong family unit and a wider community of supportive people when needed.

But, I also have inner strength, wrought from a not so easy younger life.

I am discerning, focused and have a really positive mindset (most of the time!) and I KNOW I have (some) control over my own realm, my own business.

  • Because of my expertise and experience
  • Because of my training.
  • Because I run it with ease and flow.

I run it strategically.

I run it lazy!

I am a lazy-preneur.

Minimum viable effort for maximum output.

Though I am busy.

I have other interests than my work so yes, I am busy, but busy across different opportunities.

(I ethically make significant sums across my interests, but making money, giving back and getting dream goals is not about hard work or hustling...another story!)

And as a result of being a lazy-preneur I know a few days off are not a problem as I have had a diary declutter in the past couple of weeks which has left me feeling free and flexible.

Even though I could not see family at an important time of the year for me, I know it is important to rest and get this out of my system as I have auto-immune disease and keeping well is crucial - a break now is important for the longer term.

I feel comfortable with the situation.

And that is what I provide for my clients - a level of support and partnership that truly helps them get over the significant bumps (mountains?) in the road.

  • To help them feel comfortable.
  • And supported.
  • Working and living with ease and flow.
  • In spite of what seem like uncontrollable environments.
  • People who are ready for coaching and who will benefit from it.

Right now, hiring a business coach might be the best decision you can make when it comes to running, marketing, growing and scaling your small business.

Business coaching absolutely IS a powerful way to take your small business or freelance project to the next level, but it’s NOT going to work for everyone. So if you are considering it, especially given unpredictable external forces, I have put together seven reasons why coaching may be a way forward for you.

No alt text provided for this image7 Reasons To Consider Getting Business Coaching

1. It can be a wise investment of your time, money and energy—especially when you’re trying to grow your business or are working in an unfamiliar area of business. Working with a coach can accelerate strategies and actually make things happen, but also prevent that frustration of going down blind alleys.

2. Coaching allows you to get CLARITY on what you want (your goals) and why you want it (your purpose). It gives you the opportunity to FOCUS on YOUR specific path for getting there (your strategy). And, with the right coach, they will help you ACTION the strategy and - crucially - help you stay on track by keeping you accountable for your planned progress and help you to understand how to benchmark that progress (REVIEW - REVISE - REWARD) along the way.

3. Busy entrepreneurs need help staying motivated and focused, especially during difficult stretches. Coaching can help you find new sources of energy that will allow you to keep forging ahead toward your destination. Starting with small steps whilst you find your feet again - but NOT settling for 'good enough' in the longer term - because continual growth and scaling will get great results.

4. Because it involves regular check-ins, brainstorming sessions and deep dialogue, coaching gives you opportunities to resolve issues faster so they don't end up derailing your efforts down the road. And they don't ruin your personal relationships - because quite frankly your best friend and your chosen life partner may be your cheerleaders but that does not make them an expert in YOUR business - and sometimes in the bad times they really are not going to be the best people for you to bend their ears...

5. So, even if you know exactly where you're going, chances are pretty high that your perspective will shift over time—and having an outside opinion from a coach who's experienced in business growth and change can be extremely valuable.

6. Hiring a coach is not an admission of failure, weakness or uncertainty. Rather, it's a smart decision made by ambitious people who know they have great potential but need support in creating a clear vision, developing strong habits and fostering healthy relationships with key stakeholders such as customers, employees and partners. It truly can provide a competitive advantage (though a great coach will show you how to eliminate concerns over your competition with the right strategies for you).

7. Many times people consider hiring coaches whilst they're still building their businesses, other times they'll hire one once business has gained traction or becomes successful. Your needs may change at different stages in your company's development—even between one quarter and another. A coach can help with all stages of a business through to how you manage yourself out for the life you dream of (though a great coach will be thinking about exit strategies right from day 0).

Consideration and Commitment

In a world when everything seems out of your control, there are a myriad or expensive 'solutions' for problems you don't even have - you just feel like they 'fix' something which MIGHT be preventing you from success, instead of working out exactly what you actually require to get your dream goals. 

If you are going to pay money out, make it for something that will actually benefit you - not just benefit the '6 or 7 figure' person who is selling the single issues big ticket training course you have to go through yourself with no bespoke strategies or solutions offered.

Consider who you work with carefully and acknowledge that what you are buying is the valuable time of an expert, you are buying YEARS of experience, you are buying their expertise and their own investment in continuing professional training.

That takes commitment. From them, from you and in monetary terms - a financial commitment.

Working with someone to cut through confusion, pressure, frustration and instead cut straight to the work where you grow profitably and see your way right the way through to financial freedom with ease and flow - that does not come cheap.

Invest in quality, and not only do you get a coach in your back pocket, your Return on Investment (ROI) can be HUGE - if you get the right person on your side.

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If you would relish and desire (and deserve) VIP 1-2-1 coaching right now, then  why not book a quick call to tell me more?

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