Covid, Control and Coaching

Covid, Control and Coaching - Find out how being struck with the brick tip of stuff out of our control does not need to send you into a spiral of frustration - and what being a successful (and busy) lazy-preneur actually means, and how you can get that for yourself too...

Learn to Start Not Start to Learn...

It is easier to learn by starting something than to start something by learning So many overwhelmed solo professional service providers struggle with making consistent sales in their business.  Especially when all their time, energy and money is taken up with Personal Development which is not translating into action. Though sweet smelling and attractive to start off with, like a Venus Fly Trap, that expensive cure-all course you signed up for or 365 daily social posts you bought, might just ...

What Have You Achieved?

What have you achieved? So many people hate having a plan and bumble along getting more frustrated at why they've little or new business coming in. Even if you are a planning Ninja - are you TRULY sticking to it? Read more to find out how a simple tool can help you right now.

Balancing Shoulds and Wants

Balancing Shoulds and Wants: Is it time to do the things that we want to do - and forget the things we ought, should or need to do? The answer for me is yes. And I don't think I am being unrealistic. Read on to find out why choosing to leave an event early worked for me (and the earth did not stop turning!)

The Hybrid Advantage

Hybrid Life (Online AND Offline) is a HUGE enabler - especially for people like me! Curious? Read more...

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